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All your Etsy orders simplified

Upgrade that special VIP customer who always buys from you monthly.
Auto delay order confirmations to EU countries, giving orders a few more days to get closer.
Auto email your Etsy customers who want to personalize a gift.

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More Simple ways to ship to Etsy customers

Delay order confirmations

Auto delay marketplace confirmations making your shipment times look faster.

Automate CN22 Forms

Save time. Stop filling out custom forms.

Merge orders into one

Auto merge multiple orders into one order & shipping label.

Quick reshipments

Reshipments in three steps. Done in a flash.

Reduce fraud

Barcodes make customers think twice of emailing about item not received.

Addresses always fit

Never worry about partial address fields, addresses never get cut off.

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" We had to ship over 750+ Kickstarter  packages. We prepaid for customs so
our customers wouldn't be surprised. "
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" We make less picking mistakes now, which means happier customers and I can focus 
on my business. "
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" Our picking and packing time per order went from 5 minutes to 45 seconds
and getting automated customs forms is awesome. "
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