How a fast growing Shopify merchant
automates CN22 customs forms


FRAUD Reduced

"Our shipping labels not only look professional but reduce fraud as they have extra barcodes that make customers think twice about pulling a fast one."

Custom Forms Automated

“When we ship to Rest of the world countries, Simple Merchant automatically creates CN22 forms for us, saving us time from manually filling them out.”

Easy to learn

“We had an intern and he was able to pick and pack by himself by the third shipping label. Having the SKU and quantity, means no more A4 invoices to match.”
“ Simple Merchant's shipping labels save us a huge amount of time and postage costs. The biggest thing was that the label had all the info on it. We just had to stick one label on instead of taping 3 or 4 pieces of paper.”

Yasin Mahmood – Ceo, Get Vape on Shopify

About Get Vape

Get Vape is an ecommerce (Shopify) startup based in East London. Founded by Yasin Mahmood and Humza Bhatti, who are passionate about vaping and quality juices.

Get Vape's Problem

Get Vape's continuous growing orders were overwhelming their picking and packing workflow. Their process consisted of printing out an A4 invoice, cutting out the address, taping the address, adding an Airmail sticker and filling out a CN22 customs form. They wanted to find a way to save time but not forego accuracy during picking and packing. They were also hiring warehouse staff and wanted to ensure the new workflow would be easy to learn.

Get Vape's Solution

Get Vape now only prints on a 4x6 inch thermal label with all order information instead of using A4 integrated labels. The picking and packing process was reduced from 5 minutes to 45 seconds per package. Even more time is saved for Multi SKU orders and orders that require CN22 customs forms. Shipping labels and CN22s are automatically organized and printed for Get Vape.

Fraud has been reduced by Simple Merchant creating "tracking" barcodes. Some consumers email saying they have not received their items when they have. The barcodes and more professional looking shipping label has reduced the fraud as well the item not received (INR) emails. They save hours and hours on their picking, packing, shipping and customer service, which they devote to growing their business.

Try out tracking barcodes to reduce nondelivery emails and reshipments

We Automate Your CN22 Printing

CN22 Customs Forms are automatically generated after the shipping label. You won't have to fill this out manually anymore.

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